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Are these my Coat of Arms and are these Coats of Arms genuine?

Although literally thousands of our Coats of Arms descriptions are derived from early archives books such as Reistaps and Burkes General Armorial, We consider our Coats of Arms to be accurate, but generic, because Coats of Arms in each archive book are different and they conflict with each other. The names such as Jones and Smith have literally hundreds of Coats of Arms listed. We therefore describe our Coat of Arms as generic and as such our Coats of Arms are sold as 'novelty' items.

Do you have Coat of Arms for any name imaginable?
YES - Over One Million

Do you offer telephone support?

My Coat of Arms is an internet based company, and in order to answer your questions in the most efficient way possible, we only offer support through email. This ensures that all customer queries are received and answered in a timely manner. You can contact us via email at or use the Contact Form on the website
We can usually answer your queries in less than 24 hours.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders are sent via email to your inbox. Please allow 48 hours for delivery

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