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Coats of Arms

One of the most lasting and beautiful pieces of family history is the coat of arms. These stunning pieces of artwork recall the days of chivalry and heraldry while they harken back to ties to the Old Country. For families who possess a coat of arms, it can take pride of place in the home. Designed to be displayed for all to see, these shield-shaped testaments to family history are often decorated with beasts of the field and mythical creatures . They are truly the ultimate accolade to any family name.

The coat of arms was originally used in the days of knights, kings, and wars fought on horseback. Each knight would display a particular design, image, or pattern on his shield to identify himself amidst the secrecy of hid armour. Intended to inspire troops, strike fear into the hearts of the enemy, and further the name of the bearer, the coat of arms could tell the world which knight performed best in the throes of battle. Then, upon their return to the halls of their lord, they could hang their shield by the door to inform all within which knights were present at any given time.

However, as old forms of warfare gave way to the musket, rifle, and cannon, the Coat of Arms was not as necessary. Thus, the Coat of Arms had become obsolete in many ways. However, knighthood was still an honoUr conferred by the various crowns of Europe, just as it is in Britain today. The coat of arms, therefore became simply a way of showing that a family was possessed of honored members.

Our intricate and beautiful designs can provide you with an heirloom for your own family. Display it proudly on your front door, place it above your mantelpiece, or hang it on the wall. Whatever you do with it, it can be an enjoyable little piece of your familiy's History and your ever-living tie to the Old World from whence your ancestors came.

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